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Hi Guys,

I'm new here so any help is appreciated. I've recently accepted a job offer in Malta and am just trying to do some income tax calculations so I can start getting a better idea on budget for accommodation and living etc.

I'm trying to work out what my pay after tax would be each month and came across this site:

Seems to be a fairly straight forward calculator using 2016 Malta budget, and gives a breakdown of a salary and social security contributions, however when a put in my salary, I suspect it's underestimating a large percentage of what my tax obligation would be by about 5-10%.

For example, I can see from Malta government website it states anything over 60k EUR is taxed at 35%, however if I put in 100k EUR into the site, it states only a 28% tax rate.

Was just wondering if anyone in Malta getting paid in Malta could perhaps test the calculator and confirm if it's accurate based on their salary.

Again, any help is appreciated! Thanks

The tax bands for 2016  (Single Person) are:-

0 - 8500                   @     0%
8501 - 14500          @     15%
14501 - 60000        @     25%
60001 and over     @     35%

so allowing 2% of salary for NI, the tax calculator gave you the correct figure.


Thanks for that Fox.

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