The Perfect location ;)

G'day all,

I'm seeking advice from locals and longtime imports. I'm after a location that is rural/secluded, in or near a small village, that would also be no more than an hour and a half from Edinburgh by Public Transport. It could be 15 mins away or 90 mins, that could include driving to a train station and catching a train or walking/busing to a train station and catching the train, either is as good as the other.

Basically I'm after solitude but with social interaction on my terms, gotta love PTSD hey.

Also if anyone has a general idea how much it would cost to build a two up two down oak framed house I'll take that info as well.

Cheers for your help. Have a good one.


The first thing you need to be aware of is the state of the roads out there.
You can drive from Edinburgh to Glasgow in not much over an hour, so your radius is likely to be pretty wide.
An "A" road is a main road
A "B" road is a smaller but still wide road.
Any road with an "M is a major highway.

There are a thousand villages in the area … d-3.188267

Once you've picked a place, see if there's public transport available. … nformation

Thanks for the info.
Trying to get more personal opinions than stuff I can search myself on the Net.
Have a good one.

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