Can you sell to Southern Egypt please???

Once again Southern Egypt is in the grip of ferocius temperatures often 50C and above. Like last year the Electricity is not enough to support AC units, so next year when Northern Egypt has an abundance of Electricity (Has Reported) can you sell some to Southern Egypt. I think that may be a dream though because if nothing has been done in 4 years how can it be done in 1 year? We are holed up in a bedroom all day with a Water Fan AC unit anything that works from Electricity is useless and like last year we had 2 AC units burn out due to the compressors stopping and starting due to low Electric. Today at 11.30am the voltage is 209V compared to what it should be 230V.
I know you can by voltage regulators, but the supply voltage cannot fluctuate like it does at the moment and you expect them to work.
Our village has a 3 phase and neutral supply, because anyone can tap into the supply company lines we have now 12 houses on 1 phase 2 on another, and 0 on the third. This is a big phase inbalance so can understand why people have low electric, but if you report it nothing gets done, because no one understannds phase inbalance.

what r u needed minutely

What? I am saying that next year when the Country will have surplus Electricity and capable of selling if, can they sell extra to Southern Egypt. I think Northern Egypt should be fine, after all that's where all the investment is going at the moment. I have not seen or heard of any investment going to Southern Egypt.

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