Visiting Phnom Penh / June 9 — 13


This is my third time to the city and I am visiting this time largely for Vietnam visas purposes however I am staying longer than usual and traveling alone this time …

While I am fine wandering around on my own I thought if there was anyone interested in connecting I'd present the opportunity here (not sure this is the appropriate spot as I am still learning to navigate this site).

I'm not into tourism and am thinking if it's hot I might like to spend some time around a pool otherwise my particulars are in my profile. Any interest and or suggestions (pool wise at least) would be appreciated — send me a message …

Thank you, Y

Yea I'm headed for second time, Phnom Penh, I'm retired just hanging out , , what is purpose for you being in Cambodia? For me , I'm here for no apparent reason ha, good luck , I loved Cambodia the first time, I came for month of March, but headed back July 1 for four months, see how that goes, I figure I will love it or not after this, best to you

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