Medications easily available in Sihanoukville & PP

I require daily medications like many over 40 folks out there.  High blood pressure & cholesterol are the two that I need to take daily.  I tired to email a pharmacy in S'Ville, but never received any reply.  So I am asking people on here for help.  Do you know if medication for these two problems are they available in both places.  If so how easily are they to get and what sort of price?  I currently get all the meds I need from the VA (being US Navy Veteran). but would be difficult to send to Cambodia on a consistent basis.  Any help with this is much appreciated.  Thanks.

ExNavy Guy

You can get almost any medication in phnom Penh i get several including blood pressure and cholesterol

Same in Siem Reap, but I find that they are not as cheap as you might think. I brought my meds here the other day and for a month's worth, they cost US$69 where in Australia the same meds, packaged in daily lots and delivered to my door cost AU$56. It was not because I am not local, these prices are marked on the packs.

Hello Chris,

Thanks for the info.  I appreciate your reply.  However, I really didn't get the answers I was looking for.  Are you saying yes that there are meds for high BP & cholesteral easily available in forboth PP & S'ville?  Since I am a Veteran I get my meds here free a the VA.  I can keep getting them as long as I live, but sending them could require a large laps in ability to take them.  Hopefully this makes sense.

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