Holidays, old and new.

I was just thinking about the comming Festa Junina holiday. Of course I began to think of the holidays  back home and the differences in celebrating them.

So, what adjustments have you made to your holiday traditions?

none I don't have any

In the same boat, haven't changed anything!

There is all ways a Party somewhere in Brazil and most include Beer.

Hey Ex, I was checking out youtube and found this, it's lengthy and I hope you enjoy the recipes for Festa junina. I had to lighten up between,economics,politics,Olympics and criminology so I on to cuisine now/lol. Enjoy the holidazes.
let me know how the candy apples turn out.kkkkk

Sorry for the delay, Al. We had our annual Festa and as usual it was a great deal of fun. Food, Glorious Food! Music downloaded and mixed by yours truly for nonstop Dancing!  About a dozen folks slept over and stayed for Sunday brunch ( a little something the wife and I brought over from the States).

This is our third Festa and it gets better each year. The Mrs. is already planning next years festivities. We have had a great deal of success mixing the best of our dual cultures when it comes to celebrating.

Life is good.

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