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My husband is Dutch/American and I'm American. We live in NL now. I was told he can move to UK because he is part of the EU. But can I as his wife? We have been married for 15 years.

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I'm thinking YES; because he is NL born, your automatically given the right to live anywhere within the EU so long as your married and living together! 

We live here on a UK Ancestral Visa; given my grandmother was born in London - then she resided in Australia from the age of 16.

My hubby automatically received a UK Ancestral Visa as my spouse.  It's valid for 5 years and is a renewable Visa.  At 5 years once renewed; it grants us the right to live and work anywhere within the UK plus access to receive Government Benefits which we are denied until then which is 2020. 

Once we got all our initial required paperwork documents together; The UK Visa process only took 3 weeks to process.
It was very quick! 

Do what we did; check online and / or go Check into it with the NL and / or UK Embassy - for confirmation of the facts??

However, given your husband can freely travel and work throughout EU; I'm sure as his wife, like my husband; you'd be given automatic rights to accompany him as his spouse too!   

Good Luck and we hope to have you as our new neighbors "SOON"!!!

Hi, Initially would have been ok but might be a problem now due to the brexit!

Never thought about to apply for a Dutch citizenship?

(P.s, I love, love Domburg. You are so lucky to live there )

Brexit hasn't even been signed yet; they have 2 years to sign then 2 years after that it occurs.  So might be years away yet; by then you could have been living here and long settled inn!

As Aussie Dreamer says, Brexit hasn't been signed yet, and the UK must abide by the rules of the EU Commission which would allow your husband and thus you too as his spouse to live in the UK.

If and when Brexit is completed, many EU nationals will be allowed to continue living in the UK although this all has to be negotiated and we do not know what the result will be. The thing is, the negotiation works both ways, if the EU is not nice to the UK then the UK can be the same to the EU, so hopefully smart minds will prevail and a flexibility will rule the day.

Personally I am hoping for changes in the current immigration policies which are quite unfriendly.

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