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My husband is working in kuwait, i wanted to visit him in june end on visit visa and then go there in september on dependent visa.
is it possible getting visit visa and dependent visa within 2-3 months time gap. If yes what is the procedure for obtaining visit visa for kuwait.

Getting here on a visit visa is far less complicated. Your husband has to get the relationship status affidavit from the concerned embassy, attest it and then submit with the application for a visit visa. If minimum salary requirement is met, it should be issued.
The dependent visa is a bit more convoluted... marriage certificate (and any other such certificates) attested, police clearance, medical checkup (designated clinics), dependent visa application by your husband here in Kuwait... after you land here, it's another couple of months!
I'm sure there is a blog or forum posting detailing all this explicitly. Found a few when I googled "dependent visa process in Kuwait"... e.g. … oints.html
(even if it indicates for Indians, the process is more or less the same)

Tx for your help, just wanted to understand is there a rule that a person who has visited kuwait on visit visa cant go there on dependent visa within 3 months. there has to be a gap of 3 months between getting a visit and dependent visa.

Not that I'm aware of. Please note that rules are sometimes conveyed arbitrarily by the person at the desk.
Having said that, you will have to go back to your home country to do all the pre-visa processing work (Police Clearance Cert, Medical, etc.) which may or may not take that long. But, I don't think there is any restriction on travel, if you complete all these.


Hey. Were you able to find an answer to this? I'm already here in Kuwait on visit visa sponsored by Mom and we're planning to transfer my visa from visit to family visa. So that it will be transferable to work visa. I'm single and I have my authenticated birth certificate and arabic translation with me, my moms salaray is also within the salary bracket. Hoping to find an answer. Thanks in advance

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