Go vote

Participation in low, your vote can count for a lot.
If you have registered, this is your opportunity to make a difference.

Results likely to come out around 6 pm,
Hope voting when on with no serious issues.

Talk about low participation .... The mayor of Cataño, won by 4 votes, his contender received 0 votes. So 4 to 0.  :o

Very interesting article. Projected participation on democratic Hillary vs Sanders contests was extimated at 700,000, then as they reduced the voting stations from 1,500+ to only 432 stations the participation was re-extimated at 300,000, in other words 400,000 Puerto Ricans would not get to vote from the original estimation of 700,000.

Keep in mind that there are 1.8 million Puerto Ricans registered to vote and the rate of democrats is at least 1/2 or 900,000+.

Now the numbers are in, it turns out that according to the counted votes, only 91,134 people casted their vote. So that is 600,000 to 200,000 that did not vote, probably because of the long lines and the fact that in many cases the primaries for president where in a different building and as such another big line plus getting there. There are reports of up to 5 hour waits in line.


Given the above I am not so sure that that vote meant the will of the people.
It is up to you to decide.

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