Graduate Job in Mauritius

I am planning on moving to Mauritius, I am a civil/structural Engineer, graduated from a reputable university with second class upper division, Can anyone help me to get a job before leaving my country, I am hardworking and honest... I will appreciate any help rendered,Thank you

You don't give any information about your nationality or any work experience.
If you have the right to reside and work here then there are graduate opportunities in the ITC sector for graduate engineers . If not it is very difficult unless you are married to a Mauritian or have an independent income.  I suggest that you look at other information on this site and also the Board of Investment website.

Thanks for the reply I am from Nigeria and I have about 5years experience in design and project execution . I also have professional qualification in management, and Web/online marketing thanks. any reply will be appreciated.

Civil Engineering( Structural Highway and water resources) thanks

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