Exit reentry visa extention online

Does anyone know the exact procedure for extending the exit reentry of dependents online??  I had applied online for my wife at and had attested from chamber of commerce.. The status hasn't changed since 10 days... And the reentry is about to expire... So if anyone has any info about this. Please share!!!!

Exit Re-entry currently is not being extended online. You need to take a print out of  your application & Visit MOFA in order to apply for extension.

They will share with you the procedure along with the required documents. I would recommend you to get it done ASAP as it involves getting stamp or signature from your sponsor company which in some cases is time consuming and can cause unnecessary delays.

Thanks a lot... Lemme me go and check it out at mofa..

Please share your experience to help other people facing the same issues :)

Yes I went to mofa with the online application form... I told them that I had applied two weeks before online for extension of exit reentry for dependents and still the status online was Riyadh chamber and not yet approved or rejected by mofa... He gave me a print out which was a format in which the company should write the letter to the Saudi embassy in your country, and the requirements in it where that the period of stay should not have exceeded more than 7 months and that the iqama should have validity. You also need print out from jawazaat for you and all the dependents (I think it's a muqeem print out) to verify the validity of iqamas and visa, finally everyone's renewed iqama copies and your passport copy .. The process is quite easy actually


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