Any pollution concerns and the health impacts while living in Danang?

Reading a number of news stories indicating an ongoing problem with industrial plants and sewage treatment facilities dumping untreated waste water into Danang bay and other areas of the coastline.

Apparently it's so bad, that they've even admitted that waste water is too expensive to treat and is often dumped into the sea insufficiently treated or not at all.

This makes me wonder about not only the safety of the seafood locally sourced but even the safety of using the tap water for cleaning or bathing. 

Combined with the constant burning of garbage(which often includes plastic) and the lingering contamination from Agent Orange, would seem to make Danang not a very healthy place to live despite being a coastal city.

The locals have also been vocal about why cancer rates are especially high among those living near the industrial plants and wastewater treatment facilities.

Any thoughts?

I am no expert in sewage waste treatment but wondering and hardly heard any feedback or any thing being done about it. Where are all the experts?!

A lot of the cancer rate stems from what they put in the food, VN's love chemicals as an additive. If VN food could get back to its original form,the rate of cancer would drop. Also most VN people cook with MSG, a known cancer causing agent.

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