Is there any PR or RP in Malaysia for 10 years?

Is there any PR or RP in Malaysia for 10 years? what is the process and who can apply for that?
Is the applicant do job or business? Are the children can admitted govt school?

I suggest that you read through the many informative posts on this section of the forum for information.

Yes, the question has been answered 1000 times, please read through the forum.

One thing Ive learned though....ok first of all its extremely hard to get PR. Yes, you might get 10 years but you might WAIT 10 years for an answer. That is what plagues applicants--the TIME.

But who gets PR? Ive learned that currently, you might apply today and they give you nothing. After living here 3 years, they give you 6 months. After 7 years living here, they give you 1 year. In other words you have to build up to 10 years visa. This is how its going for married couples.

There was a time it was much easier and that door has closed. PR of all things is the hardest thing to get, i think its just for VIPs and royalty, frankly. But if you have a job, you can get a job visa and bring kids.

Maybe there is a better PR expert here.

You can get a residence pass if you work her for 3 years but there are many more criterias

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