Recruitment consultancies in Algiers

Hi everyone

Anyone knows any recruitment consultancy in Algiers? Reliable one(s)?
If you do, please tell me more about it: name, location, your experience with them (as client or candidate)  and your opinion about them (comptent? efficient? reliable?)

Thanks in advance

teamconsulting, archconcilium Algérie.

From my experience as a candidate, they are professional with a good pool of candidates and client oriented.

thanks for your feedback, have a nice day

I can assist you and supply workers

Hi mohd.g > you should please register yourself in the Algiers business directory here : … rs/1_jobs/ Thank you

Thanks but I only asked for professional recruiters, if you work for an office like that, let me know its name

I arrange workers for client

Hello everyone,

As you are looking for a job, please refer to the Jobs in Algiers section of the website by dropping an advert and by creating your cv so that you may get an opportunity.

You may also inquire from the professionals listed in the Jobs in Algiers section of the business directory.

All the best,

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