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Hi there,

Just looking for some general advice on taxis in Bahrain. My Wife will be working near Mahooz and although we have yet to decide which area to live, she is undoubtedly looking at getting a taxi or Uber to work every day.

Can anybody give me any advice on how easy it is to order taxis/uber each day. Are they reliable? Are they cheap/expensive?


I've never been in your situation, but you may be better off hiring a full time driver. This may well work out cheaper than getting a different Uber driver each day. Of course, you could always try talking to some taxi drivers and asking them if they would commit to a regular commute. Because it a) guarantees them work and b) guarantees them times when they will be working, they're more than likely to be willing to agree a monthly fee which will be better than daily fares.

Cheers Suburbansam, I didn't realise drivers were commonplace in Bahrain. Any idea the sort of going rate to hire a full time driver?

not me, no, sorry. Hopefully others will chime in.

(Official) Taxis are pricey, in my opinion. Uber is reasonable and not too difficult to get in and around Manama. (Illegal) taxis are common and reasonable.

Domestic drivers are available and can be hired locally for salaries starting from about BD180 upwards.

Thanks Farhaz!

It's a nightmare getting an Uber in Amwaj, so in other remote(ish) locations it could be a pain. They are very cheap and often it's actually a regular taxi that comes anyway (they are just picking up rides with Uber) but you pay the Uber price.

I heard another network is starting here too, like Careem - who allow pre-booking.

I'd say one of those or negotiating with a standard taxi for a regular arrangement would be the best option.

Is there any reason your wife doesn't want to drive here? It's actually not that bad during the week. You can pick up a car on finance for cheaper than you'd pay a driver, plus it gives her freedom at any  time rather than just being ferried to work and back.

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