amana contract

Hi, can anyone tell me how i activate an amana contract. I am owed money and the debtor is reluctant to pay it back, i have a contract but dont know how to use it. Do i take it to a solicitor or the police?

hi enise

you can activate the contract through 1 of the both ways :

1- make a report at the police station and take the number of this report & follow the producers .

2- or you can hire a lawyer with a POA from you to file a case at the court or make this report at the police behalf on you , cos this process kind of complicated .

any way ... my advice for you that to hire a trusted lawyer to do that for you , also you need to show this contract for a lawyer as start to check this contract , cos there is needed conditions & data should be included at the contract to be consider as an amana contract .

if you have any more questions ... be my guest ... just pm me & i m here

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Thanks for your reply, i am now deciding what to do.

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