The best place to view sunset in Ho Chi Minh city

Hello everyone,

I have a question that would like to ask you guys that where I can enjoy the most awesome sunset in Ho Chi Minh city???

This is Vietnam you can view the sunset from anywhere. Stop in a middle of the street and you still get a great view. This isn't Beijing where you can't see nothing but polluted smoke.

The obvious geographical deterrent to viewing sunsets in Vietnam is that it is on the East side of the continent so the sun sets inland.  Because of that fact the higher the better.  Right now that is the Skydeck on the Bitexco tower.  Unfortunately, despite the declaration by Hypothalamus, there still is a fair bit of pollution haze over the city.  Also be there on time because for geophysical reasons, sunsets in the tropics are quick.  Good luck picking the right day.

Sunrises in Vietnam are better.  For a great sunset you need to visit Hawaii.

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