Admission in Diploma after completing one Graduation

Hi everyone

I need help :)

I am an IT graduate , working already here in my country.
I want to study in Australia or do post-graduation. But fee is too high. I cant keep some money for my living expenses if i pay fee.
So i was thinking to take admission in a Short Course or Diploma first  and then do post-graduation. ( remember my all previous education is in my country)
Also the field of specialization i choose for Diploma is different from my previous education , i mean it will be in IT but not Software Engineering ( my current specialization).
My question is , is it possible? 
As i ask to an Australian education representative in my country and they said its not possible as u already have a Post Graduation Degree.
Moreover almost all TAFE Institutes or Universities who offer Diploma courses redirect to some educational representative in my country Pakistan and do not offer direct admission.
I am hoping to find some suggestion or solution here.

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