buying a villa that has rustic land?

We have started the procedure of buying a villa through a Spanish lawyer. What I am asking is . Is it alright to buy a villa that has  some residence land and  rustic  ?

It really all depends, you will need your lawyer to explain to you just what you can and can't do on the property. For instance in the Valencia region unless the house is sitting on a 10,000 sqm block then you will never get permission for any additional building.
You may not be able to have a pool and there are often questions of legality.

That is not to say you shouldn't buy on rustic land but you really need a good lawyer and one that can tell you exactly what you can do on that property and what you will want to do.

Hi Karen,

That was a pretty wide question of which the answer will only be given justice if you are more specific... Here are some thoughts though;

1. It is always ok to buy a house with a terrain if the terrain (regardless of its type) has been registered to the property. You can run into various complications over registration / ownership / permit issues being in a separate deed.

2.  If you are planning to utilize this land (add more square meters than approved in the deeds) you need to investigate if this is a possibility. It's important to investigate especially since this reason will determine you buying or not.

Have you asked yourself the following so far?

1. Is a lot of m2 going to affect my I.B.I (property taxes) by having a lot m2 as opposed to little m2 land? I.e is it a necessity where I can justify the expenses following this decision?

2. Is all m2 of land registered in the official registry (catastral) to the property? Check it out for free here: … O=CONSULTA

3. Is all m2 of land registered in different deeds or in the same on? If you buy land alone your purchase taxes will bumped from 10% to 21% on the price of the singular plot, as it is (or can be) defined as a plot of land with independent deeds

4. What are the current permits of use for the land? Should you choose to use it for more than just owning it, you need to know if it fits in with your plans

Questions you need to ask your lawyer;

- Is he a member of tha BAR? Official association of lawyers in Spain issuing ID working numbers
- Does the lawyer have professional indemnity insurance?
- What is his interest in the deal? I only use lawyers with fixed fees not depending on a percentage of the sale
- Is the 'contrato de arras' provided in english so you understand the terms of agreement with the seller?

Carsten Hansen

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Thank you this is what I have read

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