Just joined this cool site - come and say hello :)

Hi guys.

My name is Nick and I'm an Italian guy moved to Australia since almost four years and I now live in Melbourne since few years.

I'm a Graphic Designer and I just discovered this beautiful site that offers heaps of opportunities.

I'm a very friendly guy who is always happy to have new friends to explore this beautiful city.

I love being out for a drink, coffee or dinner.

I'm here mostly to make new friends, but I'm also happy to help you guys with my experience and knowledge I gained these years.

Moreover I'm open to job opportunities as Freelancer.

Hope to receive a lot of messages.

Thanks for taking the time to read my intro.


Hey mate,

how is it going? I am new to this site but like you I have been living in Melbourne for few years now. Always up to meet new friends and expand my network.

Shoot me an email/message and let's catch up for a beer or two.


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