Finally moving, questions about Visa

Hello everybody,

I am happy to say that I enjoyed my first trip to Peru in Feb/Mar, and have decided to move to Lima in Sept :). A few weeks ago I married my Peruvian fiancé in Canada in a civil ceremony and we have a religious wedding planned in Peru in Sept, so we will be legally married in both countries. I am curious what I need to do after we are married in Peru to obtain the proper visa to be able to live and work in Peru? Are there any papers I need to get in Canada to bring with me in Sept? Another question I have is what is the best way to send money transfers to my wife in Peru?

Thank you in advance for any help,


typical Western Union or Moneygram fees will kill you....

This will work....

Open a Stateside account in both of your names....
Have debit cards issued
Let you wife keep one
Let the bank know that you will be using your cards in South America / Peru
So,, your wife will go to an INTERBANK ATM and withdraw dollars of soles.[
Dollars better and make your money exchange in a better place than the bank.]
Interbank will charge a fee and I think max withdrawal is $200.oo
Your Stateside bank will also charge a fee but they may have a provision to refund say two or more ATM transaction fees per month.
Interbank is common here.
[ You do not need to have an Interbank account to use their ATM's ]


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