Find job to support my only son.

I'm looking online job homebase. I need friends to help my situations. I am residing at philippines, I have adopted child and i want to support his need. His 2 year old now and me also was fresh graduate in college, only 2 year course. I have no experience to work.
Thank you for helping me.


Where do you live Jhen one of the fellows is looking for help on this site"under help me cry" maybe you can help him and he can help you. Each one help one I believe,but you also have to help yourself. Good Luck

I live in Philippines. Thanks for informations.

How about you sir where do you live? It's your son in the profile pic?

Yes it is my son in the picture he is 16 months old now, we live in Taguig (Metro Manila) right mow,but we are planning to  move i 4 months to Cavite or Lipa City

Why not try to live in Davao? Lol...... Livable city, and cost of living is so low...

Okay sir goodluck for travel and God Bless with you son?

I am sorry Sir but I can't. I live here in Central Luzon since birth.

To the OP:

First, there are different types of home based online jobs (or businesses). See which one will suit your skills.

Second, why did you adopt a child when you're just fresh out of college and without a job?

Third, honestly, I think there are not many chances for you to land an online job. Considering how and what you wrote in your original post, there are many others who have better English skills, computer savvy, and have more experience than you have who are also searching for online jobs.

Fourth, the "ideal job" is hard to come by for most people. At times, one needs to put on some elbow grease and put one's muscles to work. In Tagalog, kailangan mong magbanat ng buto. You also have to get out of your comfort zone and make some sacrifices.

As another poster Mixknight suggested, check out the thread under "I need someone to help me cry". The job will involve cleaning the house and yard, scrubbing toilets, washing dirty dishes, doing laundry, cooking, etc. The salary is a lot for such basic skills. You should try applying.

I was a bit disappointed when your response to Mixknight's suggestion was "I am sorry Sir but I can't. I live here in Central Luzon since birth."  If you are still dreaming and waiting for the job where you can just sit at home at your computer and take care of your adopted child, all I can say is: Wake up, girl. Wish less, work more. Life is hard. Deal with it.

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