Farming in Ecuador

Hello my dear friends

what do you Think about Farming in Ecuador ?

for example Coca Garden or other subject for farming.

if you have any information please just tell me.

thank you

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Why are you looking for some information about farming actually? How can we help?



Hi Dear
thank you for interesting to my post.
well I am looking to investment in Ecuador .
I like do Farming there.
so I ask this question
if you have any info. please share to me.

Enter the word farming in the search-box at U.S.A.-EC Expat Dom Buonacami’s website .. and it will bring up some articles about farming by Dom.

He has been trying and investigating a variety of farming ventures in Ecuador over the past couple of years.

There’s currently an article from him about lettuce farming on the website’s welcome page.

cccmedia in Quito

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