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Hi again

I've posted a bit of an introduction in my previous post.

My son, who is 8, is currently at an international school (Cambridge curriculum) in Cape Town. We would need to enrol him at a similar school in Mauritius. So far, the only one I've seen that looks suitable is the Alexandra School. Does anyone have advice about this or other international schools? I'd especially love to hear from other parents who have kids at school in Mauritius.
It must be Cambridge/British curriculum as if we return to SA after the transfer period, his school here would require him to be up to speed in that system.

Thank you

Hi Lisa,

Did you go with Alexandra school, or did you find another one? Our son is also 8 and following the Cambridge curriculum, so I'd love to know how it worked out.


Northfield at Labourdonnais in the North.

How are you finding Northfields ?
How easy is it to get into the school ?

Please go on to get more details.

I have looked on the website and fb page , just wondering how your son is finding it ? My daughter is the same age.
Is he happy there ?

Hi there

We are moving to the BlackRiver / Tamarin area and chose Telfair International. Kids start next year (2017). It's only primary though.


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