Question: Fiance visa - Income?


I am looking to apply for a fiance visa. My fiance just finished his bachelor's degree and is seeking employment, and thus, does not meet the income requirement.

I am finishing my Master's degree in Czech Republic (I'm American, not Czech) and am funded by my grandmother in the US (plan to apply as a skilled worker as an alternative).

Is there a way around this income requirement?

Thank you in advance :)

Income req is a big thing here.current plus future income

Nadkiz is correct- many a visa application has failed for people in your exact situation, unfortunately. If your visa sponsor (your fiancé) doesn't have the income secured, they will likely not approve you. Even highly educated Norwegians are struggling to find work these days, so saying he has great future potential isn't going to be sufficient these days.

Thank you for your response! We began the fiance visa process in the US, which allows for a cosponsor. I can't wrap my head around these rules, considering they could keep families apart. So say he gets a job, how long does he need to have this job in order for me to be able to apply? Is it three months ( 3 payslips)?

Yes 3 month payslips plus job contract which shows the job assuurance for future

He needs to be able to prove that he meets the income requirement for this year and for next year. He basically needs to show that he can earn 305 200nok in the next 12 months.

Also be advised that if one or both of you is below 25 years old then it is also be a little bit tricky. It's not set in stone but couple under the age of 25 are scrutinized more to prove legitimate of the relationship.

My husband and I waited an extra year and a half before applying for the permit so that he could meet the income requirement thereby making sure we would have no reason to be denied a residence permit.

Good luck.

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