Visa application through Embassy of Belgium

hi everyone.  :) i would like to ask if anybody here processed their family visit visa through the embassy of belgium and how did it go? It would be a short stay since i have a job here in the Philippines.

Thanks in advance :)

vissa aplication tru belgian embassy go's quit easy if you have familie in belgium who can garantee they have an inkom sufisiant to acomodate you (800 euro a month) , more info can be found on the website of the belgian foreign afaires website , be sure to aply 6 months in advance , it takes this long to get the vissa.
greets Dirk.

Hi, actually the embassy advice to apply 3 months before your intended flight. For 6 months actually it is for pong stay visa :)

Thanks for the info. I will apply for a short stay visa through embassy of belgium since my husband is slovenian and thet do not habe an embassy here. What are my chances??? Hehe

I will go an apply for a visa around september, october since im planning to be there durig the holidays :)

Slovenia, you have a great chance. Just comply everything. You need to prove to them that you have strong economic ties here in Philippines. Prove to them that you'll really come back and you stay there for a holiday only.

God bless in your application.

Thank you for that info. Now we changed our mind and im planning to apply for a spouse visa (got married august 2015) to stay there for some months. Do you happen to know where i start, visa requirements? The information online is too confusing.  :/

Hi jill canen. Do you happen to have the list of requirements for a spouse visa? Or a web link maybe? Info online is confusing

if your husband has belgian nationality the procedure is not complicated ,he has to proove he is able to suport you financialy ,he's inkome of the last yr has to be above 1300 euro a month and he have to proove he have a contrakt of labor for the future .but if your husband is not belgian i think it can be a bit more complicated depending on wich the conditions are he is staying in belgium .
if he has an other european nationality it woold be best to do the visa in he's country of origin ,i think.
i can only advise to be totaly honest becorse if anny suspision is aroused belgium wil not alow a visa now or in the future .
i wisyou a lot of sucses in your stay in belgium ,it is a nice country with a load of history so you wil have a lot of site seeing and the belgium cuisine is great to haha ,it is not only beer and chocolate you'l see .

greets Dirk

Thank you so much for having time to respond on my inquiry. My husband is Slovenian and i learned that the Embassy of Belgium doesnt cater visas for long stay visas (what a relief) hehe

Il be processing my visa to the nearest country who do have a Slovenian embassy its either china or japan. Il be trying my luck and i will send them an email. But for sure i will be in Belgium if they approve my visa since my husband works there :) excited to try belgian chocolates and some more cuisines! :)

Hi good day.. you can visit this website..

I definitely have checked this website already. I need some more detailed intructions. Thanks anyway :)

i was just thinking ,i doubt Slovenia have embassy here but they do have a consulat at: ground floor CENTREX HOUSE 206
pilar st.,corner Shaw blvd,Mandaluong City ,Manila .
phone 632 722 6931
before going there maibe it is better to get an apointment by phone (i always do that hehe)
i think getting a visa for Slovenia wil be not dificult and as it is part of the EEC this alows you auto maticly aces to all european countrys.
hope this is helpful.
greets Dirk

They actually do not have an embassy in the philippines thats why its a little complicated. I need to dodge my application to japan, china or india.  :sosad:  thats why i am looking for someone who have undergone the same visa processing for family reunification so i can w with my husband really soon. Thanks dirk for always having timr to respond :)

am sure the consulate can do your visa ,wen i came to the Philippines ,i did not go to the Philippines embassy in belgium i went to the consul of the Philippines ,this had manny advantages.the consul handeled it himself ,i got very well informed by him and before by phone he had informed me on witch papers and documents i needed so i had them all redy with me ,all the papers and documents got translated and oficialised tru him and by him .so wen i came here all Perlie and i had to do was going to the embassy to get the act ofno inpedement of maridge so we got maried soon after my arival hehe.
after 2 yrs here i still think this was the best disision i ever took ,lol,so i wish ya all the same luck we have.
             Perlie & Dirk

Thank you for the info and for having time to answer. I need to dodge my application to either japan, china or india since thats the nearest slovene embassy. What a relief. The mebassy of belgium have lots of requirements. Like a looooot! So o that im very happy since my requirements are not that much compared to the embassy of belgium requirements :)

Cheers to you and your wife :)

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