Processing times for Maltese citizenship by registration?

I submitted my application for Maltese citizenship by registration in February 2016 at the Identity Malta office in Valetta.  But, was wondering when should I expect to hear back?

I am of Maltese descent fourth generation born abroad, not married, and from a non-EU country.  From reading earlier posts, it seems processing times vary greatly, that non-EU applications take much longer, and those made through Embassies outside of Malta seem to take over a year.

If anyone went through the process and applied in Valetta, it would be great to know how long it took and what to expect.

Thanks,  Andrew

Hi Andrew

I applied for dual citizenship 12 months ago today in Valletta. All they tell me is "it's being processed".  I am an eu citizen and in light of the U.K. coming out of the eu shortly, maybe this is what has slowed my application down.  I would like to have this before I move to Malta. It is anyone's guess. The website states 2 years for complicated cases, which mine isn't.

Can anyone else help?

I applied back in August 2015 which was about 16 months ago now but I did it at the Maltese Consulate in Sydney, Australia.

I'm 2nd Generation born outside of Malta.

They did tell me at the time that it would take 18 months to process, so hopefully It'll only be another couple of months before I've got my citizenship. Wouldn't really be surprised if it took longer though, what with the wave of applications they would have gotten after the brexit referendum result.

I'm also hoping my case doesn't fall into the 'complicated' category. Reason being my Great Grandfather was born in Algeria (his parents moved there from Gozo for a few years before he was born) so I've had to go through my Great Grandmother instead and apparently they like you to apply through the male line wherever possible.

Just made a call to the Maltese Consulate in Sydney and apparently the waiting time is now up to 2 years (although he did mention some people have been waiting for more than 2 years now). So at this point I'm just hoping to get my citizenship by the end of 2017.

Good Morning,

Did you get the citizenship? or are you still waiting?

Did you apply because of Maltese great grandparents or great great grandparents?

Please share your experience with us,  Thank you very much

Best Regards,

I applied because I have a Maltese grandparent.
Unfortunately I am still waiting, I'll have been waiting for 2 1/2 years by the end of this month.
My mother was automatically considered a Maltese citizen but unfortunately because I am second generation born outside of Malta I have to go through this protracted application process.

Thank you, I hope you get the citizenship soon.

Thanks! I've just now gotten word from the Maltese High Commission that my citizenship has been processed. All up it was just under 2 1/2 years of waiting for me.

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