Concern over Australian missing in Brazil

From the BBC
The family of an Australian man missing in Brazil are "cautious" of reports he was seen on an island close to Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro.

Rye Hunt was last seen at a Copacabana apartment on 21 May. … gs/7471188

Drugs reported being used.

"They were under effect of a kind of drug, I don't know which one.

"So, they started to see things and they thought everyone there was staring at them, that everyone there wanted to kill them.

"They were really terrified, especially the one who is missing." … sappearing

But Brazilian police say Hunt got into a taxi a short time after the CCTV footage was taken, and there has been no trace of him since then.

In a troubling sign, police revealed overnight that they had recovered Hunt's backpack, as well as his camera and laptop, Hunt's family said in a statement on Monday.

The family said they were yet to learn where the backpack was recovered, or whether his wallet, iPhone and passport were inside the bag.

Hunt has not used his phone or accessed his bank or social media accounts since the day he disappeared.

This isn't likely to end in smiles.

Never paly with drugs

It is sad, for some parts of this story are no adding up. I've been reading about this and the first story was he disappeared at the airport so I thought he was going to the apartment ahead of his friend, now it comes out he had been in town several days?. Now that we have a unknown substance being taken that changes the whole story. I would like to think this World traveler would be aware of the danger of certain cities in Brasil for there are gaps to where was his friend and argument or not you don't lose track of your traveling friend. I'll wait to see how this shakes out, as of now to many gaps in the reporting. This does not help with the Olympics.

Sounds like he got high , flipped out swam out to the island and drowned , that's my theory.

High, maybe, but only if the guy in the bar is telling the truth.
Perhaps the guesswork should be left alone for the moment.

Reports suggest there have been several sightings of him alive, but they're equally untrustworthy as there is no evidence to back anything up.

However, it has been a long time since he was in contact with anyone, so things don't look that good.

Now this is making the story a little clear.

Search for Rye Hunt: body spotted off Rio coast, say Brazil police | World news | The Guardian … zil-police

if he was massing around with drugs, then he's having the trip of a life time, now

Seems like my prediction is looking pretty accurate , does not take a rocket scientist to figure it out....

Too early to say much.
Perhaps this FB page will be of help in keeping up with developments.

Rye Hunt search: body found near Rio de Janeiro may be missing Australian

Body, which appears to have come from the water, is being recovered by Brazilian authorities, and will undergo DNA testing

Australian man Rye Hunt has been missing since 21 May when he left the airport in Rio alone in a taxi after an argument with his travelling companion.

Australian Associated Press

Wednesday 8 June 201621.30 BST

The family of missing Australian backpacker Rye Hunt say a body has been found near Rio de Janeiro.

Australian authorities told the family a body, which appears to have come from the water, was found in Marica, a municipality about 25km from Rio de Janeiro.

It was still being recovered by Brazilian authorities and DNA testing will be carried out to verify the identity of the body, the family said.

Hunt has been missing since 21 May when he separated from his travelling companion Mitchell Sheppard following an argument after the two had taken what is suspected to be a highly potent hallucinogen known as NBOMe.

Last week Brazilian authorities called off a 72-hour sea search after a fisherman spotted a body floating off Rio’s coast in clothes similar to those worn by Hunt when he vanished.

The family said there had been no confirmation that the body was that of Hunt and were upset pictures of it had been published by media outlets and sent to family members via text asking for confirmation.

It has been confirmed ,

Rye Hunt: Julie Bishop confirms body is that of Australian man missing in Brazil | World news | The Guardian … -in-brazil

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