Australian Tax Accountant/Financial Advisor in Manila?

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I'm an Australian Citizen working in Manila. I am employed full-time locally and get paid a monthly salary which includes deductions for Philippines taxation, SSS, Phil Health, PagIbig etc. I've read on the Australian Taxation Offices website that, despite the fact I'm paying 'foreign tax' here in the Philippines, I still have to declare my income in Australia and pay Australian tax.

There are some concessions and offsets you can apply for but it's all a bit confusing. Does anyone know any accountants or financial advisors in Manila who are familiar with such matters?

Anyway advice would be greatly appreciated!




Based on what I have learned you are being tax 15% based on your gross income (NOn resident alien not engage in trade or business - employed) and see if there is reciprocity rule that you can avail to lessen your tax liability..

Since you are classified as non-resident here, and a resident of your domain.. You have to declare your income in your country and minus any allowable tax credit paid in the Philippines.. After considering any allowable deductions you can claim..

I hope I am right.. This is based on what I have know on tax matters..

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Thanks very much for your help! Appreciate your comments! I am not a Philippine resident yet however, my work is applying for a resident visa as my wife is Filipina.

Anyway, please let me know if you know anyone in Manila who I could pay to go through my individual tax matters and get some more advice.

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I am 74 years of age and living in the Philippines, and am wondering if I have to pay tax on my pension payments?
I dont get any other monies.


Basically you does not earn your money here thru pension, so you are not going to pay tax, unless you are a resident alien and have other source of income like business then you will be subject to business and income tax.

Sorry what I meant was  "Do I have to pay tax to the Australian Tax  Office if I am living in the Philippines on an Australian pension ?... my age being 74"

Sorry for not explaining myself clearly.


As far as I know generally pension is tax exempt if that is your only pension. Besides, if there will tax into it in the case of the second pension, you receive it net of tax. No need for you to file again. (This is PH rule) I am not so sure in AU.. Just try to google it to confirm.


Thanks Dophened will do

Australian Pension paid Net of Basic Rate Tax (deducted at source). No further liability to additional [Australian] tax, unless you have additional high earnings in Australia or you have a more complicated set of unique circumstances?

The reciprocal tax treaty between Australia/Philippines mitigates 'dual taxation' - so no Philippine Tax is due on Pension Income from abroad, and there is no requirement to file a Philippine Tax return.

It's pretty 'clean' and straightforward for Pension Income receipted to the Philippines from abroad.

As for the original Post query. Is anyone able to recommend/source a competent Manila person to deal with this guys salary/taxation issue vis-a-vis Australian tax declaration requirements?

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