One of my friend had overstay for one year

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I had a question. One of my friend had overstay for one year. She had volunteered herself in a ministry by  helping the needy and training very  children who needs education. Any advise for her?

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Hmmm.. that's a tough one. She should have tried to get her visa extended at the local FRRO office. As long as you have a valid reason and support letters of recommendation, extension isn't that difficult.  She should have tried. But, she can still correct it. She might want to get to her nearest FRRO office ( first, fill the form online requesting visa extension,  get all the requirements plus a letter from an authority where she was working, with some explanation as to why she couldn't have extended her visa earlier)
That could help to get her off the hook. She might have to pay a hefty fine but there's a chance she could get out of this. I wouldn't advice her to try getting out of the country because the last thing you want is that huge OVERSTAYED stamp on your passport. It'll RUIN her chances of getting visas to many other countries in the future.
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