Rental Price Range For Accommodation In Central Bangkok

Good day fellow expats.

Just a quick one.

Which area in central Bangkok has the rental of accommodation that is around 4000 - 6000 THB per month for a room and has access to BTS or MRT.

Your ideas is appreciated.

There are a lot of apartments near to MRT/BTS, u need to be specific which area. If your job is in Don Muang, will u find an apartment in Bangna?

I think I will be in Silom area for a month. I heard prices there are pretty expensive. After Silom I will be moving around scouting for jobs. Bangna does not sound too bad if I get a job in Don Muang area. Thanks for the info.

If u love to travel from 1 end of bkk to another then it sounds good.

I don't mind travelling really. What about you. Are you in Bangkok too? What do you do for a living if I may politely ask.

There should be plenty of apartments along the Sukhumvit skytrain line after the On Nut station and on out to Bearing station.   For example, my friend has two condo's available for around 7k a month and they are both 50 meters from the Bearing station.

I imagine the same applies for anywhere outside of the main downtown/business district in Bangkok.

15,000.00 Baht 5 mins near Udomsuk BTS 35sq.m Bangkok, rental section provides lots of addresses of apartments

Check out apartment listing websites. We looked around east side of Victory Monument. Lowest studio was 7000 plus utilities, pretty small and dark. We even just knocked on doors of unadvertised apartment buildings. We wound up spending 14000 plus 3000 utils for a clean sunny medium size studio without kitchen in a nice building which is also more expensive because it is closer to BTS.

Try this place.

MN place
Sukhumvit 62

Distance from bts bang chak aprox 1km. 12 thb to bts from apartment. Extremely regular. Ride to bts takes 3.5 minutes

Great food available to order in downstairs restaurant. Great if you like spicy. Cheap too.

Has a:

Weights room (basic)
Washing machines
Air con

Prices range from 5000-11000.


It's not walking distance to much. 711 is 5 minute walk in 2 directions

It's kind of out on its own not much around there in immediate location.

Electricity - like most apartments I suspect but it's pretty costly if you running a few things in home like laptop etc. Average utilities all in were aprox 3000 but my friend was online A LOT and worked from apartment.

Advantages: great owners very very security conscious they are lovely people. Professional polite and fair. Nice pool great food delivered to room.

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