Moving from Montreal to Edmonton

Hi everybody,

We are a family of 3 with a baby and my husband had an interview in Edmonton for a good job. We are not sure about the city and about leaving Montreal for Edmonton. We had a lot of bad comments about this city but we would like to try the adventure.

According to you, is it a good choice to make this move ? We are looking for an english place for the studies of our child.

Thanks a lot for your help.

We moved from Vanc when my husband took a job transfer 18 years ago. but now we are self employed
and would definitely go back to Vancouver it is so beautiful there.
Edmonton's river valley is very pretty. the housing market is much lower than Montreal lI believe.
I have never been to Montreal so I cannot say. But we do have some pretty harsh winters but I think Montreal is the same. I think you can make a house a home no matter where you are. Obviously you need to go where the jobs are. What ages are you children mine were in elementary and middle school at the time.
If we knew what we knew now we would have rented first to get our bearings as to where we wanted to live before we came and bought a home.  ***

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Thanks a lot Wendy for your reply. My child is a baby of 2 months :) Well we bought a house here in Montreal but my husband hates his job so he can have a better one in Edmonton. And we would like that our child speaks english and in Montreal you must send your chlidren in a french school first or you have to pay for private english school. I'm scared to get bord there because my english is not perfect and I want to stay home with my baby. It's a very good opportunity that will help us pay our house very fast. We are hesitating a lot...

Katy , you need to move if you got the best job there.

Katy can you help me to get work there ?

thank you so much

Hi Katy did you end up coming to
Edmonton, What part of the city are you in. I am on the South side.

dear freiend
please make some correction , am katy ,am hosanah , thou i also wrote to katy

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