Where to buy in HCM bus ticket to Vung Tau?

where do I go in Ho Chi Minh City to buy a bus ticket to Vung Tau?

There's a ticket office in de tham street district 1. Take a cab there and you'll see a line of buses out front. Go inside and tell them you want a tix to Vung Tau.

thanks for the info. Is this the Phương Trang bus company? I have been told they are very safe.

Yes its Phuong Trang. If you live near Mien Dong station you can get a mini bus on the hour early morning till early evening.

Yes,phuong trang bus....they will pick up at your house

catch the boat (hydrofoil), far more enjoyable...

HA Ha, I doubt if they will come to my house - It is in Scotland :-)

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