medical doctor looking to relocate with wife and kid

im a medical doctor/ gp looking to relocate to uae with my wife who works as a directress in a montessori school. just need to touch base with another medical person who can help me to get on the right track...

Are you licensed by HAAD?

hi thanks for the reply. unfortunately not yet, i have collected all the info regarding licencing, i.e. HAAD/DHA and before i went ahead and wrote any exams i just wanted some idea about practicing in the UAE in general whether it is from a doctor from SA or even any local doc for that matter. i have struggled to find any forums or platforms where medical people in general can exchange information or experience regarding medical work in the UAE. currently, all i have heard from people is that its amazing, these people are however not in the same field as me. i am worried that i only hear good things since surely i am getting only one side of the story. hope you can guide me in any way shape or form. regards Dr MT Parker.
Ps i also believe companies looking for doctors dont even look at resumes/ CV of foreign doctors who dont have the applicable license.

There are many hospitals here affiliated with prestigious Institutions like Cleveland Clinic Johns Hopkins etc.,  but if you are looking to climb in your career this is probably not the place to be. Many of the staff are foreigners or other Arab nationals.....its very expensive to have a Western trained doctor and most are in the highly specialized fields so they usually come in as Chairs or Heads of Departments and have been headhunted. Medical standards throughout the world differ tremendously so you will see some pretty decent doctors and some who are not at all competent. Then there is the language barrier and levels of English and accents vary greatly.

AS far as HAAD goes we were exempt from the exams coming from the USA but the process to become licensed is very lengthy. Additionally, the license is not issued until you have a sponsoring facility.

Good Luck!

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