Help with best place to sell my Alfa Romeo 159 2.4 jtdm

Evening all,

I'm new to the site but was looking to see if any of you might have a good place I can look to advertise and sell my car in Bulgaria.

First off it is a UK car I brought in UK about 4 years ago! I was commuting from UK to Romania/Bulgaria while setting up a business over here.

Is there a market for second hand UK spec and right hand drive cars in Bulgaria? The car is already registered and for the last 2 years has been on BG plates. Car runs very well for a 2008 model and has done around 160,000km (100,000miles)! No running issues and has been serviced regularly and well looked after.

Would be good to get some feedback on people who have successfully sold their UK spec car in Bulgaria!

Thanks in advance


As for advertising, you should place an ad in the CLASSIFIEDS section of the site, rather than the forum where adverts are frowned upon.  Also, you might try :)  I imagine there is a market, as there are plenty of Brits in BG, or Bulgarians that have lived in UK or plan to head there and might want a RHD car.

Romaniac Experts Team

Hi Neil,
What price tag looking to sell it for?

Try this is the bulgarian autotrader

Right side wheel cars are not very popular in Bulgaria. Selling it will take time and the price will be about 40 % lower than the same car with left side wheel will receive.

My advice is to focus on British expats in Bulgaria - forums, etc.

Alternatively you can place an add in, .. etc. online used car dealers.

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