Where to live in Cologne

Hi All,

I am moving to Cologne in August and I am trying to get information about neighbourhoods. I'm trying to figure out where to live so if someone could share a short description of some of them would be awesome.

My job is at Sparkasse am Butzweilerhof but I don't want to live around, looks very quiet. As I have seen so far the trendy neighbours are Belgian Quarter (Belgisches Viertel) and Ehrenfeld. My idea is to spend  around 700 - 1200 euros.

Thank you very much for your time.


Hi Sergio,

Till members provide you with their feedbacks, i suggest you read the Accommodation in Cologne article of the Expat Guide. It may be useful to you.

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Hi Bhavna,

Thank you very much for your reply.

I will have a look!

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see old post here

in particular a visual overview of rental costs in Köln here  (The map is zoomable, klick on Köln and zoom ). The legend is visible on that chart.
1) light orange will give you 77 Square meters = 830 square feet for 700 € or
2) Red will give you 83 square meters for 1200€ (There are larger "red" zones in Frankfurt, Munich or Hamburg - and much less in Köln, which is lucky for you)

You can see I'm a visual person. But it is a quick way of getting an overview fast without wanting to ask seemingly insensitive questions or cause unintended offfence.

Have fun.

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