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PNU latest blow

After two years of taking everything away that they promised, including health insurance and iqama fees, Princess Nora University has moved to (hopefully) the last thing on their list - to take away your monthly SALARY.

PNU has cut 20%-50% of every single foreigner's salary. This means that the amount that teachers were promised on their old contract is not valid anymore. It is now 25-50% less. That is about a 3000-6000 saudi riyals cut for most teachers. How can they do this? It is very easy:

If you work at PNU, you know how they did it. PNU waited until you had two weeks left to work and gave you your new contract for next year. If you don't like it, you can refuse to accept. BUT you must pack up ALL your things and leave in two weeks and give up a month of summer pay : /.  Not only that, but they refused to give end of contract benefits for teachers who leave, saying they did not give 60 days notice.

Some Advice: If you are leaving this year, but will be here for the whole summer (and good luck to you!), you can trying going to the labor office to get them to help you.

If you are thinking about coming to PNU, do not believe the advertisements about the salary. Or expect to get it for only a year or so. Then your salary will be reduced. Just be prepared.

Typical pnu antics. Always treat their expat teachers so badly  :mad:

Please someone to counsil me. I was instructor at universite of princess nora for the last term. And they promise to pay me for that time. But I am not seeng any pay and one was told you should to wait for the summer. But did not see payment and then to wait for the end of Ramadan but no payment. Then to wait for one month after Ramadan and now I wait for two months and no payment. But now I wait for 4 month but no pay and they dont want to speak with me and became angry. But I must to receve my salairy. So what should be the counsil for me now.

Good luck with that. Right now english teachers  trying to get the rest of their summer pay from pnu but no luck. They're not giving us the time of day and say they paid us everything. Like we're stupid or something.

PNU is a huge University and yet they are not paying their employee properly. How much more those little International School.. Sad.

Honestly, PNU is just too big for its own good.

They are harried and broke. Honestly BROKE. Budget was cut and they're slashing and burning expat salaries left and rght. There's no money right to pay anyone, so their trying to get out of paying and saying they already paid everything. Can't even afford health insurance or iqamas for teachers, so how about salaries???!!!

They may be. Saudi is finally hitting an economic wall. Everybody thought this was some kind of an economic fortress beyond financial worries. Well, when your whole country relies on one industry to pay the bills and that industry goes to broke so goes the rest of the country. This is nothing compared to what this place has to look forward to. In five years, just about any Western expat with any experience that doesn't just love Saudi for whatever reason will be gone. Look, even Aramco is trimming things down. The folks that run the show here are scared and aren't sure what to do. Things like an all woman university as noble as the thought is here, it's just not a high priority when the other things on the minds of the powers in charge is just holding on to power. Sorry to hear that is happening. It's not a surprise and it's only the beginning of a much bigger iceberg that's making it's way into the Kingdom. Be thankful you got that kind of treatment and not what another 100,000 low wage workers here got, which is 6-9 months of no pay and then a pink slip with no ride home and who are just sitting semi homeless in the Kingdom not knowing what to do next.

On a brighter note for the women of Saudi at least is that this place is going to need the brain power of every individual it can find to keep the ship from sinking altogether and so hopefully one of those women students you taught may take their English or whatever else they learned and get to implement something because these folks are going to need every possible idea that can make a buck to get the ship even hobbling along.

The UAE is hiring a few thousand native teachers to work in their public schools of which many are all women and they still have some money for now, so you might want to give that a go if staying in the Middle East is a priority for you.

lol I love how random internet users have become modern day experts

Teachers at PNU ? I thought most were English Instructors not quite PGCE qualified.

You know it's Saudi, I used to say "did you get it in writing" now I say "don't expect it until it's in your hand" For too long the kingdom has been the target of sub standard work and dodgy qualifications the current "crisis" will thin the herd. Easy solution don't trust what your told and the airport is only 10 minutes and 1 u-turn from PNU.

mrthoth :

You know it's Saudi, I used to say "did you get it in writing" now I say "don't expect it until it's in your hand"

With princess nora, it doesn't mean anything if you get it in writing. They have the labor office in their back pockets and don't do anything the labor office tells them to do. How many teachers have left without getting their pay. How many are having to pay 60 days salary in order to quit? How many are overworked and doing more than their fair share without getting paid for it. How many have no health insurance, paying thousands for treatment. And if you tell them you'll call the labor office, they just thumb their noses at you. They could not care LESS about your contract or your rights. And you'd be stupid to believe PNU is going to give you anything. PNU is about as arrogant as one can get here.

And yet there's still people boarding planes to come, even when they can see all the negatives on these forums. All it takes in one internet search to see 1.8 Stars on Glassdoor............................

Supply and demand in action maybe their new approach of recruiting teachers who couldn't pass an English exam but have managed to get Canadian passports is the best approach.

Mrthoth for someone who has never set foot at pnu, you are quite the expert.  :dumbom:

I've only seen one new teacher this year, although they keep saying there are about 100 new teachers coming. I haven't seen them. You're right that we get some psychotic women here. Scary, especially if you get one as a roommate. I do wonder how they got here. Its the really crazy ones that don't mind the super low salaries I guess. Meanwhile i find myself gazing into the horizon. *sign*

What makes you think I haven't set foot there ? Big presumption ? You don't need to work there directly to

The place began to get worse when some of the Aussies and the American lady  who ran the place left 2014. The demographics of the teachers changed considerably from proper western to passport ones.

While there's a queue of people applying why would they aim to spend more ? I think the best thing anyone considering saudi can do is reconsider, if (as we always hear Vietnam, china, cambodia........ the list goes on) is better, book a flight.

PNU teachers get the worst treatment, and you ask why they still stay. Well because...

They have to. They almost have no choice!

When PNU reduces the teacher's salary, they do it at the end of the year. So you have no time to get a new job because the good jobs are taken. Also, YOU CAN'T QUIT once you start. You are actually a physical prisoner of PNU or Saudi Arabia - however you want to look at it. You don't get paid holidays so you can't leave during the year without your pay being cut, this reduces temptation for people not to come back. And if you quit, you really do have to pay 60 days salary, otherwise they will in fact block you from leaving the country.

Most women who come to PNU have no idea how it is, so they come thinking, how bad can it be. And it's hard to make a change even if you are mistreated. Because the controller is the abuser and they hold all the strings.

So before you start insulting princess nora teachers and saying why don't you just leave and why are you still here, we stay because the system doesn't allow us to leave so easily. And it's easy to talk and judge others when you're not in their place.

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