Security Deposit

Hi, Can anyone advise on how to get your Security Deposit back from the letting agency.

when you leave, given that things in your apartment are in order, they should give you your security deposit back, you simply request it. it would help if you held on to the receipt.

Everything is okay. Everything was used when we moved in. No damage. Photos were taken.

We have all the legal documents. Contracts etc.

They are telling us we should of  had the Arabic wording translated, as it is different from the English wording!!!!!. We had it translated and it is the same.

You will be legally eligible to take your deposit back, if you give them the legal notice as stated in the contract and surrender the flat in the same condition as when you take it.

I know. This agency does not work like that unfortunately.

Tootsie57 :

I know. This agency does not work like that unfortunately.

I wonder if there are any who do.

Stay away from ***.  They keep so much of your deposit, regardless of what the Contract states. We left the place cleaner then we moved in.They did not come and view the flat until 3 days before we were due to leave. (We gave a months notice). That is when the trouble started. Refusing to pay back the deposit. Saying it was due to wear and tear!!!! (Deposit KD550.). We were there for 2 years..2 adults. We had to leave without any money and get someone to work on our behalf. Good job one was a Kuwaiti. It has taken 2 months to get some money back. They kept KD128. Their policy is, and I quote '***'. That is not in the Contract.So beware of them.

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