Got my RP, What is next?

Dear all,

My name is Ahmad, I am from Jordan and I live in Dubai.

I hold an Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering and I have been working in (LED displays industry) for 8 years.

I finally got my RP, I have waited for about 4 months (applied on 25 Jan 2016) from Dubai.

My plan is to go for a visit to Denmark just to familiarize my self with the country and gather as much info as I can before I start the residence card process and moving to Denmark permanently.

I would love to hear from you guys on the below:

1. I understood that I have to enter Denmark within 6 months, my questions is: Do I have to start the residence card process as soon as I go there? or I can just go for a visit and go back home? my RP says that I have Multi entry.

2. Do you have any recommendations regarding where to stay? which city? I would like to stay in an area that is close to public transports and close to companies or centers where I can look for a job.

3. Do you recommend a specific city/ area to live in?

4. Can you recommend a job or a company to apply to? Do you have an advise on how to start the job hunting?

5. What is the process of getting the residence card done? 

6. Can I drive with international driving license or Dubai license? if so, for how long?

7. I am willing/ open to get in touch with anyone who is willing to help.


You'll find much/all information on these sites:

I found the latter by googling International driving license Denmark. I'll advise you to google jobs the same way: Jobs electrical engineer Denmark and see what pops up.

Where to stay will probably depend on where you can find a job.


Hi Ahmed,

Congratulations for the visa stamp and I wish you the best of luck

Having that I'm a mechanical engineer waiting for the officials decision (Applied 4 months ago) and through googling Denmark news, I really do recommend to start learning Danish language; I would recommend to download Duolingo app. and start to learn immediately !! :)

You can find plenty of vacancies in the following websites:

Please share with us your experience and again good luck bro :)

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