Hi i am from Lebanon i moved to Qatar since 2012 living and working here in Doha. I don't know yet where it will be the next trip in my life..i visited many countries here is not bad but it is good to change from time to time.

Hi Kovaovski,

Maybe you can share your expat experience in Doha with us and give us more details?

Did you move to Doha because of a job offer maybe? :)

Do you have some questions regarding expatriation?



Hi yes i moved coz of a job offer to Doha. .where there is a good life and business you must be,no matter where.. it is not about the country it is about the happiness. When you are in peace with urself any place is home ;) c'est la vie.

You should go and visit Spain, France and Italy. The best of the best.

Christine i visited 14 country included France-toulouse and lourde. But Spain not yet i will visit it with you for  sure dont worry ;) . But just note that each country has its mood and protocol, no one can says this or that country is the best coz it depend for the reason-moments-goal and with whom you are. Each country we visit we have a wonderful memories.

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