looking for tamil teacher

hello .
my son is 7 years old and is in standard 2. i am looking for a tamil teacher to help him in this particular subject. thanks.

Hello par-mili,

I also suggest you to drop an ad in the Language classes in Mauritius section of the website, since it's the most appropriate section for this purpose.

Good luck   :)


Hi Milli,
You can send your son to the kovil in your locality , There they teach

i tried the kovil, but i was not at all satisfied. there are all age group in the same class, including adults also. the attention of the teacher is more focused on the adult and elder children. whereas for the small ones, they are asked to copy one word on 2 pages. they do this during 2 hours !! its not an interactive looks more like a "punition" !!!! and this is quite deceiving!!! i agree the lectures are  free of charge, but this does not mean the smaller pupils should be treated that way !! at least we should show some respect to those small kids who are making an effort to attend the classes !!!!! i dont know if its the same all around the island, but in my locality it was like that!
i look forward to find a teacher soon  :)

Hi Milli,
Where do you live by the way, if I know of somebody living in your vicinity it may be of help to you, Tamil teachers are very rare. I live in Vacoas. Here all the children go to the kovil to do the tamil classes. I am going  to ask aya he  may be of some help. As you have pointed on saturday I am going to the  kovil and I will see if its the same as you have mentioned. Why not try an HSC leaver who has done tamil. The guy may be of help to your child.


Hi Milli,

If ever you live in the North, maybe I can propose a solution for you. Please do contact me.

With regards,

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