SOS on school searching

Am eagerly looking for a reputable school with affordable fees for my 7yo. I will b here till end of June. If failed to find a school for my girl, then we shall not move to here.
Anyone hav any advice? I've tried to contact few international schools but kinda disappointed with their teachers(phone respondent) as they can't speak fluent English. Hence I doubted their school learning environment in terms of language and their exorbitant fees.

If you don't mind to exchange your experiences in SZ with me in terms of education, living expenses, accommodation etc. Kindly wechat me @ eth31loh

Your sharing are part of my consideration to move to SZ.


Hi, I'm from Singapore and previously is Malaysian. I have just added your Wechat. Will contact you about the school matter by Wechat. My mobile is ***

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I know how it's difficult to find a school for children, I've not this problem yet because my son is still a baby !  I don't really know special schools which speak English but I know a website which offers Chinese lessons online, at schools and being private at low prices if you want... I don't know if it will help you but just in case:

I've lived in China for around 10 years, so if you need another information, it will be a great pleasure to help you...



Hey you can consider tutor

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