Ropa Americanas

Good day! Could anyone tell me whether these 'ropa americanas' are good places to buy clothes and is there one in the San Pedro area? Or where is the best one to buy good clothing?


In San Jose downtown area not far from San Pedro if you know the short cut: to get there go to Bomba La Castellana (gas station), down one and a half blocks towards downtown, on your left. There is a couple of large stores, one more expensive than the other but with better clothing. But there are many of those stores everywhere.

yes they are fantastic many with designer clothes like new for $2 to $8 . I find the BEST in Heredia There are MANY there but ironically in San Rafael de Heredia 5 minutes from my farm. I send people , and buy the amazing deals     can be very addictive
If you are in our   area  private msge me I will show you around..
I find those in San Jose to be so so and smell musty maybe I prefer the cleaner places no snells in Heredia
Where do you live?

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