Good places to look for teaching jobs

Hello everyone.

I am moving to Bogotá soon, and I am currently in the process of looking for work. I am very interested in the possibilities of teaching English.

My wife is actually Colombian, so that is a HUGE bonus and help.  :D But I wanted to ask you guys what you suggest would be good places to look for English teaching jobs in Bogotá.

I am also open to any other suggestions on what could be good & safe work for a Canadian Expat.

Thank you very much!

You must be cautious when seeking. Many will try to take advantage of you. If you are a native speaker with a degree and you have teaching experience and are legal to work there, anothing less than 30 mil per hour. As an independent, up to 50 per hour. These are for private lessons. Groups are more. Schools charge    50 to 100 mil for private. There are a lot of terrible companies. I suggest, Canadian College, GOMAL, or Reisbeck at the top of my head.

My advice is to just create your own job and just teach English online in Colombia via Skype for 25,000 to 30,000 COP per hour

If you teach English privately online via Skype, you will be your own boss and you can create your own schedule to suit yourself and there is no commuting back and can find lots if students flyers in shopping malls, grocery stores, elementary/high schools, private schools, colleges, universities, hotels, corporate business offices, buses, etc. Tons of people of all ages all over Colombia want to learn English

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