Anyone in Karak/Kerak?

Hello, how are you women and men doing? I'm Mark from Holland and currently
Working in Jordan, Karak. As I am alone here I'm looking for friends to make the time here more enjoyable. Man or Woman. We can chat and maybe go somewhere.

Hi my dear
Yes I am.
But what u r doin there. It's far a way from civilization

U cannot find things like amman
U find there good persons as well
They are generous

I know this is not Amman, but always nice to have friends you. The people are very generous here, they always bring me food on work wich I can't decline.

Welcome on board  :cheers:

What kind of work you're doing?

Hello habibi,

I'm working near the dead sea. For the company.

I'm working on a dredge as a dredge master.

i was thinking about moving to karak is there any jobs down there

Karak has a long and deep history, but as i think no Jobs, or it depends on what do you like to work  :/

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