Parent can go to Umra in Family visit visa by air ?

Assalamu alaikum...
Dear Brothers,

Treat it as Urgent.My parents coming in next week in family visit visa to Riyadh.They want to go to JEDDHA by air to perform UMRA,Is it permissible to travell them alone without me.Is it permissible to wear Ihram dress?? Anyone stopp them entering JEDDHA airport because of Ihram

I traveled with my parents for Umrah in 2014, they asked for their passport at Madina airport while coming back, he just checked the visa and gave it back to us.

No problem Alhamdulillah.

Thank tou for your reply....
In jeddha airport they cheked anything?? you were in Ihram dress on Jeddha airport???

Yes, from Riyadh itself we were in Ihram...

So in Jiddha they didnt checked your Parents passport??Or didnt enquired about ihram


Dear Bro,
As per my experience, there should be no problem at Jeddah airport. They can go in Ahram from Jeddah airport to Haram. However at Madinah Airport very strict checking, they hold the passengers if they are without sponsor. 3 years back same thing happened with my mother and brother when I came back one day earlier and my family have to come back 2nd day. They were hold at airport, however after one hour investigation they released their boarding passes.

Dear Brother
Basically no one in airport will stop anyone wearing Ihraam to check their status. The checking is done at a Check Point while entering Makkah from Jeddah by road. Most of the time 90% they dont check while entering . However, as per Govt rule Visit visa members are not allowed to do Umraah. They must come in Umraah visa.  To my knowledge 99% of family members who arrive to kingdom on visit visa performs Umraah either by bus or by flight. So, its a matter of taking a chance. Personally I would advise you to accompany them to avoid hassles. "All the best".

Brother Sajad.

there will be no issue, your parents can perform Umrah on visit visa ..

Thank you  all for your reply...

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