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Greetings all. Can anyone recommend a great residency attorney in the Republic?

I just completed the process today. If you PM me I will send you there contact details.

Great can reach me at ****

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I suggested Wilson Rood at wilsonrood[at] he is a good lawyer in SD and well priced.

Ahh yes sorry about that...

Depending on where you are we have a great lawyer in Santiago who will hold your hand during the whole process and take you or meet you in Santo Domingo to file all the papers
Here is her contact info:
Dolly Cabrera
809-307-3337 cell

Bob K

Great...Thanks much!

You are welcome...good luck

Bob K


Yes I can highly recommend Maria Abreu mabreu[at]

Maria is from New York and lives in Santo Domingo, she also has an office here in Las Terrenas.

She is excellent and is very reasonably priced.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

Best Regards,


Thank you much Helen!

We are using Maria Abreu I can't recommend her enough! She grew up in New York so language isn't an issue and she knows how to navigate the system in the DR. She has an office in Las Terranas and one in SD as well.

Hope this helps!

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I tried to contact Dolly Cabrera, but she never returned my calls and messages.  Does anyone have an honest, reasonable, English speaking Attorney in Santiago they can recommend?  Mainly to help secure residency and review Real Estate purchase and sale. Thanks in advance.

Did you try her phone as well?
Bob K

We have used Guzman Ariza for real estate. They have an office in Sosua. They are a larger firm and I believe they are also in Santiago. They have a whole section on immigration on their website.

Yes, I left a message with Dolly’s secretary at her office and I also left a message on her voicemail; two different numbers. I also left her a massage on WhatsApp.  I need to get residency as I noticed on my last trip the DR is getting stricter and now charging me if I stay longer than 20 days.

Sounds like you got scammed overstay fee kicks in day 31

Don't feel bad , it's a rite of passage ! You are an import and will taxed.
I used Guzman en Santa Domingo for consultation. They use email , return calls and don't send you to make copies so they dont have to use thier ink. There is a formal and informal way to go about things here ; stay formal unless you have Dominican family members.
You can always start by getting official certified copies of your personal documents e.g. birth certificates , marriage .... These documents will need to be translated . Bob K gave you an excellent legal resource which in the long run will save time , money and most importantly peace of mind.
Happy holidays

I’ve been to the DR about a dozen times over the past ten years... maybe because I married a girl from Santiago and have a son from her, I have never been charged before, but I returned by myself a few months ago and was charged 2000 pesos.
I have recently retired and bought a home in Santiago.  Getting a residence card will make life in the DR a lot easier.  However the English speaking Attorney I was using started over charging me.  I really need an English speaking Attorney as I’m not comfortable speaking Spanish when comes to legal or business matters.  If anyone has an English speaking Attorney in Santiago I can trust and is reasonable, please let me know.  I’m working on the application and gathering all the documents together now to present to the Dominican Embassy in California for Residency.  Mucho Gracias

Off subject but....  I actually stayed for 2 months and was charged 2000 pesos.  The Dominican immigration officer said they are now charging if you stay over 20 days, l told her the Website says 30 days, but she insisted that it will be updated to 20 days.   I have learned to pick my battles when in DR and decided not to argue and just paid it.

It is still 30 days to my knowledge.
I will try to contact Dolly this week and see what is up with her

Bob K

And 2000 pesos is lower than the posted fee at 30  days.

You are right to get residency it will make life easier.

Wilson Rood in S D. Speaks English native.


Thank you for the recommendations. Our firm opened an office in Santiago a few months ago. We are located on:

Avenida Monumental corner of Calle General Antonio Manzueta
Los Jardines, Santiago

Telephone: 809-382-5070

GPS: 19.461188, -70.692133

I need this info as well. What's a ballpark figure? Someone said they paid over US $6,000.
I was also told you can do it yourself, so which do you recommend?


That price is ridiculous.  I never recommend doing this yourself unless you speak fluent Spanish and love being frustrated.

I really do recommend  Wilson. His prices are very reasonable a d he does a good job.

Ha problème  je parle et écrit juste le français je suis actuellement  en republique dominicaine  à Las terrenas

I have indeed heard of naive gringos paying high prices like that.  The best idea I've seen yet is to just pay the shakedown anytime you leave.  If you never leave , you don't even pay that, much less $6000.

No traduction

I believe you you plan on staying in the DR permanently (you'll know when you're ready) to start the immigration process. Sure you can always pay an exit fee if you're leaving down the road but remember your NOT legal beyond your initial 30 day stay - potential issues with car rental insurance among other thing discussed in other forums on the board.

Why not at least check out a few attorneys and then determine what's best for you. Just like shopping on the beach don't buy all of your stuff at the first shop and pay the first price given to you. Shop around and listen to people's advice before spending your money.


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