Primary and secondary schools in Marsaskala

New to this forum :-) we're looking at moving to Malta, and hopefully Marsaskala this autumn. We'recommend currently living Norway,  but both boys speak excellent English. However were struggling to find schools for our two boys. They will be 8 and 13 when we're moving. Does anyone have any recommendations please? Also what is the best way to get in contact with the schools to get the boys signed in?

Thank you in advance for all help :-)

Hello Cecilie_j82 and welcome on board

While waiting for members to revert back with some advice, I invite you to browse the Schools & studies in Malta forum section to gather some infos that may help.


Hi, Marsaskala is very nice, i like it much. However it is very Maltese. Nothing find it wrong with it, as Maltese  are nice people. But if you live there, you should expect that your children are expected to learn their language as well. More cosmopolitan areas are around Valetta, Sliema, StPaulsBay....

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