Food prices U.K Vs. Alicante

Hi All,

Could someone give me an idea as to how food prices in Alicante compare to food prices in the U.K. I am trying to get an idea as to whether my grocery bill will go up or down.

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Sarah & Matt

Hi Sarha and Matt

I guess prices are similar , think there are possibly more offers in the Uk

We spend about 100€ pw family of 4

alcohol is a lot cheaper !!

Thank you so much for your kind reply. With alcohol being cheaper then I think our shopping bill will definitely be going down :)

Yes it helped our bill too !

Local beer in our supermarket is 65c per liter , wine under 2 euros a bottle !

Try Mercadona. They have pretty low prices on basically everything. Fresh fish, cheap beverages and alcohol, tasty pastries and sweets, meat - quite ok in my opinion. As I have lived in Sweden, every country is much affordable to my wallet. Mercadona is a cost leader.
Last summer I spent there 2 weeks, Altea to be honest. 40 minutes by bus from the airport.

Loved it!!!

Yes Mercadona is good , also old favorites lidl and Aldi

Ps  Altea is very nice !

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