Foreign Licence

I have just found out the hard way that you have to convert your foreign drivers licence within 5 years of getting your permanent residence  (unless you have been out of the country for more than 3 months).

If you don't convert your licence within 5 years you have to take your learners and test again  :sosad:

Hello MichB

Thank you for sharing this :top:


I know how you feel, been there! Apparently once you get your permanent residence, you should convert your foreign licence within 1 year of obtaining permanent residence, if not, yes its back to being a learner and taking a test no matter how many years you have been a driver.  I chose to use my international DL but once again the International DL  cannot be renewed by AA in South Africa, you have to keep renewing from your home country. :sosad:

The traffic department told me I had 5 years.  Shame Home Affairs don't tell you this when they give you your permanent residence  :mad:

But I did pass my learners last week with 100% and off to book my drivers this weekend  :top:

Well done!! did you have to go to a driving school or can you learn those road signs etc online? I have a mental block about doing this whole thing afresh, similar to being asked to re- study your degree or re - sit your professional exams (another topic). Hope driving test goes well and please share your experience.

I found some great online sites... a lot of good ones are free. It also helped to look at the signs as you drive. I'll post the links when I am on my phone. ...

I am going for a couple of lessons so I can make sure I am driving the way they want for the test.

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